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One of the strongest and tedious pain on our mouth is caused by tooth sensitivity or better known as hypersensitivity, which is factor of many ailments including muscle pain prevails in the area of ​​the gums, headaches and migraines.

The treatment of cases relating to the sensitivity lies mostly in how severe the pain is, and how long this persist. If applicable, the pain is very long and very strong reaction, we recommend to attend as soon as possible to see your dentist for specialized treatment.

It governs the sensitivity due to the enamel loss due to rubbing teeth with an object or food. But there is also another factor, which may be an error in the technique of brushing. If your technique is sharp and aggressive in the mouthwash, it can cause loss of gums and also the cervical area of ​​the tooth can be exposed.

Another factor may be the same tooth contact with teeth. Upon pressing growl or bite very hard objects and damaging the crown and create enamel loss over time.

The constancy of your tooth brushing is important to avoid reaching these cases. It is not case sensitive alarmed if you start, it is normal these cases due to wear but if the pain is severe and do not hesitate to attend the dentist.

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