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Our teeth need constant maintenance, also care and dedication in preparing the same as any part of our body. So to speak, we own and even doctors need to be aware of the patients in this case our teeth. Daily we consume foods and beverages that are simpler than as water can have bacteria or generate damage that eventually can bring serious problems.


In relation to the dental cleaning, we believe that, with a simple tiny brushed teeth less than 30 seconds is not enough, you have to spend some time on that good habit.


The most common mistakes we make when cleaning our teeth are:


1.- Toothbrushing time should not be less than two minutes. Remember, this is all based on what is consumed daily. Take your time and make it a commitment for proper care of your oral health.

2.- Teeth are very sensitive to any type of friction or contact. Brushing them has to be cautious and not so hard. With the passage of time can generate a deficiency in our enamel and generate wear causing bleeding gums.

3.- The choice of toothpaste is not always what we want to find proper health but most of all seek and that leads to whitening toothpastes, whitening choose to wing instead of looking for the good cause tend to be very aggressive teeth. It is preferable to meet the dentist and it is he who in the good seen of pasta you will use.

4.- Not flossing: teeth cleaning relies on more than just brushing teeth. Flossing helps us attack the most hidden areas where toothbrushing fails. Do not clean these areas is the most serious mistake we can make because all bacteria and sugars that come together in these areas due to their small size tend to last long and during this time generated by bacteria eating sugars and leads to the creation of bacteria and dental infections.

5.- Do not use mouthwash: Mouthwash is checkmate all remaining bacteria after a good brushing and flossing. Preferably nousen rinsing alcohol-based; It is a thousand times better to use no alcohol or fluoride to reinforce and strengthen tooth enamel and prevent cavities.

Note: Oral Health starts with you.

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