Oral diseases and their causes

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WHO (World Health Organization) classifies oral diseases as congenital defects of the lip or gum disease that is related to the gums, tooth decay and tooth loss thereof and in turn the oral cavity.


That is the importance of dental care because a single cavity can infer higher-risk situations for your teeth. Keep in mind that the root causes of oral diseases begin with the condition of said teeth and gums.

Once having oral disease is to be careful and move on to a review with your dentist to avoid four other chronic diseases that emerge from this situation as they are cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, respiratory disease and cancer. It may sound unbelievable but it is pay close attention and do not neglect your health.

The above are effects for these diseases that are favored by smoking, moderate alcohol and not typical diets not evaluated by a nutritionist.

Think of it! It’s your health and above all depends on oneself.

Remember that your smile reflects your personality.

Source: (WHO)

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