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Oral health consists on supporting the mouth and the healthy teeth. It is important to begin this habit since childhood. If it is not like that, problems can be to had by the teeth and gums, as caries or the loss of the teeth.

How to do it?

A correct cleanliness of the teeth to the morning, to the night before sleeping and during the day after every food it is necessary to avoid the formation of bacterial plate that damages the enamel of the teeth and produces caries and other infections. Also, it is important not to share the toothbrush, because the bled one of the gums can transmit diseases. You should renew the brush every 3 months. To avoid the consumption of delicacies and food with lots of sugar. Of doing it, the teeth to brush itself immediately the external surface of the teeth To be Washed so much. • Clean between teeth daily with floss or another similar product. • No smoking or chewing snuff. • Maintain a balanced diet. • Visit your dentist at least 1 time per year.

How oral health care during pregnancy?

It is important in early pregnancy to visit your dentist. Pregnant woman can be served throughout pregnancy the second trimester, is the safest period to provide regular dental care.

It is common for pregnant women have swollen and bleeding gums, this can be prevented or lessened with the use of toothbrush and dental floss.

Dental X-rays are contraindicated, especially during the first trimester.

It is a myth that mothers lose their teeth due to pregnancy, what happens is that certain factors such as the increased acidity of saliva, vomiting in early pregnancy and hormonal changes that increase the risk of cavities and periodontal disease occur .

How oral health care in early childhood?

It is recommended to remove the pacifier to the two years since it may cause problems in the bite like thumb sucking.

It is also desirable not to add to the bottle or pacifier in sugar, honey, soda or substances with sugar and something that cause cavities at an early age.

To avoid problems, then it is advisable to start oral hygiene with the output of the first tooth twice a day: once in the evening, another morning. In that case, use gauze, the corner of a clean washcloth moistened with water or silicone thimble to clean teeth, gums, tongue, cheeks and palate.

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